Pan-invest B.V. is a modern international organization. We give our employees the space they need for optimal performance and personal growth. That means a lot of responsibility & flexibility in how we work. Our lines of communication are short and open which brings a pleasant and informal atmosphere. We organize social activities on a regular basis to strengthen this informal atmosphere and the communication also outside of the workplace.  We are located in the modern WTC building in The Hague, where we work (and laugh) hard with great enthusiasm.

(Senior) Fund Manager Pan-Invest

32 uur | The Hague

Pan-Invest is recruiting a (Senior) Fund Manager, an experienced specialist in the field of fund structures under the AIFM light regime. You have a portfolio of client companies for which you will be the main focus. You monitor quality and progress on all statutory required legal, tax and accounting reporting and taking initiatives to improve processes and content.

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